Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bloody Big Valve-Tech Heads only apply

, an electronics engineer, plays guitar. He has many valve amps which all sound great and sufficiently different. BUT none look quite like this one here. For the tech heads, this a 60W single Triode SE Class A very, very loud amplifier. The massive, $1000 HF transmission triode can deliver 100's of watts if called on. Geoff has limited the HT to 700V and drives this graphite plated mega-valve with a multi-stage transistor amplifier. He wound the OPT himself and interlaced the primary and secondary plus had the windings vacuum impregnated. I have seen this type of valve used in a $400K HiFi amp and are trying to convince Geoff to build a HiFi equivalent. This amp is-big, hot and beautifully clear. I would love to build a Hi-Hfi amp with the same valve. No harm in dreaming.