Saturday, May 12, 2007

Valve preamap Tech-Heads only apply

The black box on the top of the Onkyo 7555 is the third of the Hi-Fi valve preamps I have made and each time they have got better looking and sounded even better too. This has to be the very best I have ever made. Not only does it look great with it's valves protruding from the top but it sounds "absolutely fabulous". On a dark night you can see the valves glowing red hot. If you think it looks good you should hear it.

With this iteration of the this unique little kit comes a big improvement in sound-stage, detail, bass extension and low frequency weight. This is hard to explain because the previous unit was very similar in all the internals. The big difference is the heavy die-cast case, all silver solder and pure silver hookup wire. Whatever it is this is one exceptionally beautiful preamp. And it looks stunning too. I will build you one of these for $AU800.