Sunday, June 17, 2007

Kananook creek - Franskton

Usually this creek is a disgrace and looks something like what you see here. It flows to the sea in the direction you see here which is only another 500m further on. The other way goes for miles. It does have some pretty parts but mostly it is awful. I have seen old bikes, cans, bottles, boxes, rubbish and milk creates thrown in here. Just up from where I took this shot is a bridge. When the creek is full (it is a tidal river) and flowing, in some areas of it, it is quite nice. This image here probably shows the worst of it.

Bird life is quite rich but also rats love it too. Notice the stationary bird and the one in flight. Quite a few homes back onto it particularly homes in the very exclusive Gould street. Gould street is the main drag of a three sided island call Long Island. The other side of Gould street backs onto the beach. Expensive homes and a dirty creek. Typically Frankston.